10-31-00 Latest News

Lewman @ 10:32 am EST

Hello PJ fans! In honour of the great man's birthday, we are announcing a special contest!

As everyone knows, imitation is the greatest form of flattery, so, sit in your director's chair, and see how well you can imitate PJ!

We are looking for horror script written in PJ's crazy, off colour style. Ever wanted to write a screenplay? Have you written one already? (Send it in) and you can win one of these fabulous prizes!

1st prize

A large signed poster by PJ himself, from the movie Braindead

2nd prize

A smaller signed poster by PJ, from the movie Meet the Feebles.

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Contest rules:
1) We ask that all submissions read to the length of no more than 10 minutes.
2) All submissions must be in .doc or .txt form.
3) All submissions must be a horror script in the wacky, off-beat style of Peter Jackson.
4) Only one entry per person
5) All entries must be sent to the following e-mail address tbhl@theonering.net
6) All entries must be recieved by us, no later than 12 midnight GMT on the 21st November 2000. The winner's will be announed on the 5th December 2000 on the TBHL site.
7) No members of TBHL or TORN staff may enter, apart from Lewman of course ;)