5-27-00 Latest News

TBHL Bigger, Longer and Uncut
Lewman @ 16:02 EST

Well… It’s been a while, but man is this one big update! So let’s get started!

Firstly we have a new entry in the Board of Bastards! Another great effort from Hideous Thing who has this time made a Derek collage for use in the background of windows! Cool huh! J Check it out in the BOB

We’ve also made a new section in the Bad Taste part of TBHL. We’ve recently got in contact with some of the cast and as a result are offering set stories as written by them! J Pretty cool I think you’ll agree! Check that out at: Stories from the Cast

We’ve also made another new section in the ‘His Work’ section. I’ve been informed that a lot of people miss out the filmogrpahy table in the About PJ section, so as a result loads of people don’t know that PJ has been involved in more than the films covered in our main section. So we’ve made a new section to cover these! They are pretty basic at the moment, but we hope to add more to them when we have time!

Yup Pete’s being great to us with the ever growing Bad Taste section! He’s sent us loads more press articles for you all to look at, so go have a read of them, to see the attention BT was getting at the time of release!

We’ve also added a whole host of new Brain Dead case covers and also a few more Frighteners case covers, so go have a look at them in their relevant section!

And FINALLY probably the biggest news item of the update. TBHL is going to be hosting it’s first online chat in June, and guess who we have got for you to ask questions to. Pete O’Herne and Craig Smith (Barry and Giles) from Bad Taste! Pretty kick ass, don’t you think! So stay tuned to TBHL for more news about this event, were already slapping paint in the chat room getting ready for it! ;)

And that, I think you’ll agree is our biggest update, thanks for reading it, you stupid bastards! :P